That's How it Started

The idea to set up a foundation to stimulate small-scale entrepreneurship in transport and small-scale transport projects is a result of a trip by board member Bé van der Weide with a number of other Drenthe entrepreneurs and students to Malawi in 2005.

That's How it Started

The group decided to develop and evaluate different ideas for projects. The idea of ​​setting up something in the field of transport and entrepreneurship in transport was not included in the final choices.

However, the plan remained alive and was further developed after the trip. The result was the establishment of the Transport4transport Foundation on Friday, May 23, 2008.

Transport of goods and people

Transport for development Transport, the transport of goods and people, is an essential part of the economic system of a village, region or country. Especially when the economy needs to develop further to give people a better standard of living. And in many real developing countries this can often be done with very simple means.

For example, by using bicycle trailers for freight transport. You can carry five to ten times as many goods at once than on the back of a bicycle. And it often goes faster. A bicycle trailer is also a huge improvement in passenger transport. The bicycle taxi – in large parts of Malawi, for example, has a board on the luggage carrier to transport a passenger.

Bicycle trailer ambulance

A bicycle trailer can also be a major improvement in the field of health care: A bicycle trailer-ambulance behind the bicycle makes it possible for village communities to more quickly take the sick and injured to a medical post a few villages away. The village itself arranges the management and maintenance of the ambulance and, if necessary, financing.

Stimulate local craftsmanship

The Transport4transport Foundation wants to stimulate these projects. Not only the purchase and use of different types of bicycle trailers but also local production: The construction of bicycle trailers in the region itself, sales, and financing with microcredits.

Delivered directly to the people themselves by local, trusted partners, under the supervision and support of Dutch business experts. Production provides knowledge and expertise in the field of metalworking, logistics and commerce.


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